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Fonts That Make Me Giddy: Ropa Soft Pro

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The Ropa Soft Pro type family includes 32 — count ’em, 32 — fonts, ranging from Thin to Small Caps Black Italic. There is no need to look for a complementary typeface when using Ropa Soft Pro, you have plenty of diversity within the type family itself, complete with alternates, ligatures, and arrows. If you do happen to need something a bit sharper, the original Ropa Sans Pro can give you the same thing without the rounded edges. Taken together, they give you a veritable typographic playground. Go crazy!

The many weights of Ropa Soft Pro. Image source:

Ropa Soft Pro Black Italic

Ropa Soft Pro Black Italic. Image source:

What drew me to this typeface initially was the Black Italic variant.. This font (actually, all the italics in this family) clearly shows one of the unique characteristic I love, the little slash that cuts in on some of the letters. Look at the lowercase ‘a’… doesn’t it almost look like it’s smiling? How can that not make you happy?

Ropa Soft SC Pro

Ropa Soft SC Pro.

I loooove myself a good Small Caps. They’re much friendlier and less obtrusive than all caps, and a nice alternative when you want something to stand out, but don’t want to use boldface. Ropa Soft Pro gives you a small caps variant in every weight — thin, extra light, light, regular, medium, bold, extra bold, and black. Perfect for any occasion!

Where to use Ropa Soft

There’s really no wrong way to use this type family. As mentioned initially, the heavier weights work well if you need something soft and feminine that isn’t a script. The lighter weights are pretty androgynous though, so use them freely whenever you need an easy-to-read modern sans-serif font. It can be used for body copy as well as headlines. It works well as a web font since it is also optimized for screens. In summary? Ropa Soft Pro is a beautifully designed type family that would be a worthy addition to any design toolbox.

Nyla Smith

Nyla Smith

Nyla is a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Front-End Web Developer and Consultant with over 15 years of experience. She is the owner of n-Vision Designs, LLC in Hampton Roads, Virginia, which exists to provide marketing support and brand consulting to small- and medium-sized businesses needing creative solutions. Contact Nyla if you'd like to discuss your next creative project. She can usually be bribed to a meeting with a cup of green tea and an oatmeal cookie.

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