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Logo Design

Your logo is your #1 spokesperson. He never sleeps, never takes vacation, and is constantly talking about you.

Logo Basics

What is it? Do I need it?

What exactly is a logo? A logo is the most important visual element of your business. It’s what identifies you. It’s what communicates to people on a daily basis when you’re not physically able to be in their presence. It’s a reflection of your business — meaning it should reflect the attitude, services, or purpose of your company in order to enhance or communicate your brand.

Your logo plants a seed in someone’s mind. Every subsequent time they see it is like watering the seed. Over time, that seed takes root and develops weight and meaning for that person. This is how your visual brand grows and becomes established.

Time for a Logo?

When do I invest in a professional logo design or redesign?

When you should NOT get a professional logo

What?! Heresy! A professional logo designer telling you not to get a professional logo?! Don’t get us wrong, we strongly believe that anybody will benefit from a professional logo design. However, there are situations where you may NOT want to go this route. They are:

  • If your business venture is a pipe dream and you haven’t even written a business plan yet, much less figured out a marketing budget.
  • If you’re doing it only because you want a new look.
  • If you can’t communicate to somebody why you exist, who you service, and what makes you different.

If any of the above are true, you will not receive the best logo possible and you’re only doing yourself a disservice at this particular point in time. We would actually recommend that you first find a good marketing/business coach (and we happen to know a few, if you’d like a recommendation!) and/or focus on developing a solid brand foundation.

When you SHOULD get a professional logo

Pretty much any other time. For instance:

  • If you are confident in who you are and want to project the best possible image for your business.
  • If you were considering letting your high-school nephew with Photoshop “have a go at it”.
  • If you started with a Vistaprint logo and have since met three other people at networking functions who happen to be using the same one.
  • If your strategy, audience, culture, or market has shifted to a point where a rebranding effort makes sense.