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Website Pricing

Your website is an investment that can (and should!) pay for itself many times over.


Need a Website?

How much does a website cost?

Let’s just get right to it. For many, price is the determining factor. Particularly, if you’re a business owner thinking about having your website built (or rebuilt), you’re likely very focused on the bottom line. And you should be. Hopefully, that’s why you’re investing in your website anyway — to increase your bottom line.

For those looking for the quickest, easiest way to have an online presence, there are a million places where you can get a generic cookie-cutter website inexpensively. We would be remiss if we didn’t say what you save in money you usually pay for in other ways (your image, your professional reputation, technological restrictions, lack of conversions, etc.) However, if you’re a budding solopreneur or just have an idea you want to test out, you honestly may not want to invest in a custom website solution just yet. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a tight budget and making do with what you have. However, we also know firsthand the value of managing to stand out in a sea of sameness. For some, it’s worth the investment to get a custom solution that nobody else has, that is designed just for you and how you want to do business. That’s the website pricing we will discuss here.

What to expect

What factors influence price?

People may not know exactly how to “spec out” what they want or think they need in a website. So the important thing that we’ll focus on first is WHY you need this website. What isn’t working for you right now that you’re hoping to make work? What business goals or objectives can this website help you reach? How will this fit in with your overall sales, marketing, or internal management goals? What can this website do to make your life easier or your business more profitable? Additionally, you’ll want to have specific goals for your website. This will help you to understand the true cost to you. Say the goal for your website is to generate ten warm leads per week. If you are a construction company, a single lead from your website may pay for itself many times over with just one job. As you discuss the options with your web designer, they’ll be able to hone in on what the costs will be in order to achieve your goals.

In the end, since a truly effective website is customized to your business, the cost comes down to just how customized you need or want it to be. Below is a general range of what you might expect.

  • Example #1: Basic Website
    This will get you a customized design of one template, approximately 5 pages and/or a blog, contact form, basic social media integration. Minimal copywriting included. Range: $1500 – $2500
  • Example #2: Standard Website
    A standard small business website will feature a custom design with various page template layouts, 10 – 15 pages, moderate to high functionality to fit your business (e.g. blogs, forums, CRM, directories, databases), some keyword research and SEO copywriting. There should be an intentional focus on conversion, moreso than what you might find with a basic website. Range: $3000 – $5000 
  • Example #3: Advanced Website
    For websites that need to be highly customized or need advanced functionality, expect to pay more. For example, complex forms or applications may require extensive programming. Or a unique web application which needs to be coded from scratch in order to integrate with your existing systems or process.  Range: $5000 +

Note that there also may be supplementary services that are related to your website. Examples are search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), photography, copywriting, and email marketing. To some extent, these should all be a part of any website development project. However, the extent to which each of these services is implemented, which should be determined by your marketing strategy, will also affect your final cost. 

A website will also “cost” some of your time, particularly during the planning and development stage. It will require an investment of your energy. As web developers, we don’t walk this alone and neither do you. We partner with you to make a website that works for YOU. That means whoever you work with will need your input, your expertise, and your cooperation. In return, you should expect the same from them!