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Web Portfolio

CLIENT: Dr. Keith Sawyer

DESCRIPTION: One of the country’s leading scientific experts on creativity, Dr. R. Keith Sawyer is the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and has authored fourteen books. His website, previously built entirely with Flash animation, needed to be updated for accessibility and yet keep a “creative” non-standard feel. His new website, which features a modern layout and CSS3 animation effects, was custom designed and hand-coded to be responsive for all devices.  // View website:

CLIENT: Colonial DJs

DESCRIPTION: Colonial DJs needed a website that would allow them them to showcase their services and happy clients; be fun enough for parties, but elegant enough for corporate events; and would allow them to seamlessly integrate their online event management software. They received a custom-designed WordPress website which accomplished all of these goals.  // View website:

CLIENT: Cunningham Contracting, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Despite a successful 25 years in business, this family-owned company had never had an online presence. Cunningham Contracting desired to stay current with a website that would showcase their expertise, highlight their work, and give potential customers an easy way to reach them. Their custom-designed responsive website has become an effective lead generating tool for their business.  // View website:

CLIENT: I & O Medical Centers / In and Out Express Care

I & O Medical Centers needed a redesign of their outdated website as well as a new website created for In and Out Express Care, their new urgent care division. The websites were created to have a matching look and feel. While In and Out Express Care is a separate entity, it needed to be heavily associated with the 25-year established parent company for ease of recognition and credibility. The In and Out Express Care website features integration of “ZipPass” to allow patients to “get in line, online” and cut down on their waiting time. Mobile versions of each site were developed. Also pictured: custom-designed email marketing template for I & O Medical Centers’ monthly email blast.  //  View websites: //