Psychology-Driven Brand Design. Creating and Refining Remarkable Brand Identities.



Making the invisible visible.
Making the visible remarkable.

N•Vision Designs is a boutique branding and design company in Hampton Roads, Virginia. 

Picture this: the year is 2005. YouTube had just been created.(!) Facebook was only a year old.(!!) Destiny’s Child was officially breaking up.(!!!) And the journey of one fresh-faced college graduate was only beginning.

Armed with a knockout education (a dynamic combination of visual communications, psychology, and business); some enlightening work experience (graphic designing, illustrating, and teaching); and a willingness to go wherever the work was (except New Jersey, please never again New Jersey), she was ready to start life in the real world!

And so this fresh-faced college graduate (FFCG, if you will) left St. Louis, Missouri and headed east on I-64. And east. And east. And east some more. And didn’t get off of I-64 until 14 hours later when she landed in Hampton Roads, Virginia. (Any further and she might have driven into the ocean…?)

“Look Ma, I made it! Woot!”

Turns out, the real world was… challenging.

Fast forward 3 years and you’ll find a somewhat less fresh-faced FFCG who said, there must be more to a fulfilling career than this 8-5 that she could never quite motivate herself to be on time for (yikes). There must be some answer to feeling like she wasn’t living up to a potential she knew she had but wasn’t being used. The good Lord said “jump” so she took the leap of faith to leave her job and start a business full time, providing churches, nonprofits, and local businesses with graphic design and web development services.

Fast forward another 13 years, and here we are today.

If you haven’t guessed, that fresh-faced college graduate turned business owner is me (Nyla Smith), and that business is this one: n-Vision Designs. I’ve learned quite a few lessons in that time, and n-Vision Designs has undergone quite the evolution.

n-Vision Designs has grown to include a fantastic team of people to carry out graphic design, web development, illustration, copywriting, and other creative and technical services. But that’s putting the cart before the horse. Everything has to start with a strong foundation — a clearly defined brand. We use archetypal branding theory as a tool to hone in on your brand’s personality, voice, audience, values, and motivations. We enable your brand to create a connection with your desired audience, like a direct current that hits them right in the gut. We infuse your brand with fresh life and elevate it to where it should be.

Now, we work with amazing business clients like this who:

  1. Understand that design alone will not save a weak brand;
  2. Don’t want cookie-cutter solutions;
  3. Know their brand has a deeper potential that they’re just not tapping into.

Through a strategic combination of creative communication (both visual and voice), practical psychology, and business acumen, we take the intangibles of your brand and transform them into something real, something your audience can truly connect to. What does this mean for you? A more profitable, purposeful, powerful brand. A brand with life and vitality.

Are you ready to tap into your brand’s full potential?