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Print Design

Graphic design is the vehicle for delivering your message. ...So do you want a Lexus or a lemon?

First impressions count

So do second and third and...

Nobody wants to give a bad first impression. Do you wake up every morning and neglect to brush your teeth, refuse to comb your hair, and put on dirty wrinkled clothing? Of course not. So it baffles the mind when we see the equivalent of that in a business’s marketing pieces. Like it or not, we are all visual people and make flash decisions based on what we see — your potential customers are no different. N-Vision Designs provides graphic design services that result in creative, polished, and professional work which communicates your message clearly while presenting your organization in the best light possible.

Brochure Design

As ubiquitous as they seem to be, brochures are nonetheless an effective way to leave behind your message. Most people think of a standard trifold when they hear the word “brochure”. But there is so much more to life than the standard trifold brochure! If you’re looking for something a bit more creative, think about alternative folding options, weightier paper choices, or changing up the number of pages/panels. Read more about what makes a good brochure design.

Unique Business Cards & Letterhead

Business cards are, without a doubt, the most common marketing piece there is. But that doesn’t mean is has to look common! Because it’s so prevalent, people tend to overlook it… unless you give them a reason to remember it. Use your business card as an opportunity to stand out. Unique paper choices, finishing options, or specialty inks can really make a creative design look even more special. Get some ideas for creative business cards.

EDDM / Direct Mail Postcard Design

With postage costs reduced and by eliminating the expense of purchasing a mailing list, the United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail Program has made direct mail even more affordable for retail businesses to reach their local customers. Want to go the more traditional direct mail route? No problem. Either way, you want your message to stand out from a heap of other mail. You’ll need an eye-catching professional design for your postcard or mailpiece. Each piece is designed and checked to conform to USPS postal regulations. Read more: Is direct mail still a good strategy for you?

Poster & Flyer Design

Publicizing for an event? Posters and flyers go hand in hand. Display posters in strategic brick-and-mortar locations, with a smaller more detailed version to hand out as a flyer. 

Trade Show Displays

Need something larger than life? There are special considerations to keep in mind when designing for trade shows. N-Vision Designs can design everything from the tablecloth covering your table to the rack card displayed on it to the 20 foot display looming behind you. 

The list goes on!

These are just a few things that can be done for your business. The list is endless….really, anything that is printed is first designed. So before you print anything else, take a moment to think about if it is communicating the message you want in a way that is appealing and persuasive. You’ll want to make it count!