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Need a website?

Get your custom website development and WordPress themes here!

If you are looking for a unique custom website or WordPress theme, you’re in the right place. We specialize in custom design and building websites that you can easily manage yourself. Almost any type of functionality can be incorporated into your website to support your marketing strategy and business goals. Blogs, forums, announcements, social media integration, e-commerce, galleries..the list goes on. For both flexibility and ease of management, we have found that most small- and mid-level websites are a great fit for the WordPress platform.

What is an effective website?

Having an effective website is paramount for a successful marketing strategy. These days, if you're not marketing online or leveraging your online presence, you're missing out on opportunities. While a good website should be able to perform well on its own, its true purpose is really to serve as the central "hub" for your marketing and branding efforts. Social media, print ads, event promotions, and coordinated campaigns should all tie into your website.

Having a website that converts is more important than having a website that looks good. A well-designed website is not necessarily one that looks good, but one that is intentional in its decisions to meet the goals you have set. Of course, you ultimately want both; and as it so happens, a beautifully designed website plays a huge part in increasing engagement and reinforcing trust in your brand.

An effective website is built for your customers, not for you. That means design decisions should be based on the behavior, tendencies, and preferences of your audience. An effective website should also cater to the browsing habits of your customers, which across the board, is becoming more mobile. If your website is not currently mobile-friendly, you should be devising a strategy to make it so. We build websites to be search engine friendly and responsive for all sizes of mobile devices. 

Custom WordPress themes

WordPress is a powerful open-source website platform which offers plugin functionality to achieve almost anything you'd want. Initially a blogging platform, it has become extremely popular as a complete website engine, powering over 60 million websites around the world. WordPress allows you to install predesigned themes to control the look and feel of your site. If you have found a theme you need customized, or if you need a custom theme built just for you, contact us for a quote. (By the way, with all of the WordPress themes out there, why would you ever need to have a custom one developed? Find out here.)

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