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Fonts That Make Me Giddy: Rotundus

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So, I know it’s supercool to talk about fonts all the time. For proof I only need to look to Brick Heck from The Middle.

But every once in a while, I just have to talk typeface. So, on to our regularly scheduled programming, let’s take a closer look at Rotundus.

All About Rotundus

As the name implies, Rotundus is round where other typefaces are not. The precise lines and curves make it feel a bit architectural. The lowercase M and N are simple unadorned arches, very much dome-like, without the usual stem protruding beyond the curve. The uppercase M and N follow suit, making type set in all caps feel almost like a unicase variant.

Rotundus doesn’t believe in normal – just look at the lowercase Y or Q. It has some other unique letterforms as well, like the lowercase A that looks like a backwards capital D, or the numeral 4.

Here is how Rotundus interprets the a, b, m, k, q, 4, 6, 8, x, y, and z.

A Family Affair

The Rotundus family ranges from Light to Black Italic font variants.

The four weights of Rotundus. Image source:

Don’t Forget the Extended Family…

For a bit of a softer appeal, try Rotundus Rounded. Y’know, to take the edge off.

Where to Use Rotundus

While I wouldn’t necessarily use it for body copy, Rotundus does have a nice readability even at smaller sizes. So, in addition to headlines and titles, it would be nice to use for maybe an intro paragraph, callout, or pullquote to give a little variety.

Rotundus has unique letterforms and feels contemporary, so while it is classy, it might not be the best fit for something ultra conservative. But if you want to communicate elegance with just a *hint* of quirk, Rotundus could be the very type family you’re looking for! Head over to MyFonts if you’d like to pick it up.

(By the way, if Brick peaked your curiosity about the difference between font and typeface or the importance of kerning, I’ve got you covered. Read on, my type-loving friend. Read on.)

Nyla Smith

Nyla Smith

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