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Logo Portfolio

CLIENT: In and Out Express Care / I & O Medical Centers

BRANDING GOALS: I & O Medical Centers, specializing in industrial and occupational medicine, branched out to form In and Out Express Care, providing Urgent Care services for families and individuals. They needed to have a way to keep the brands visually linked, while still giving In and Out Express Care a fresher more modern feel. The solution included sharing the “cross” icon across both logos.

CLIENT: Premier Small Business Solutions

BRANDING GOALS: Premier Small Business Solutions, primarily an accounting firm, also offers financial, IRS negotiation, and legal protection services. Because of the potential to expand into related services, they did not want a logo that focused on a specific service offering. Rather, they needed their logo to convey the concept of reliability, the focus of growing small businesses, and have a subtle flair of sophistication. Business cards, ads, and stationery were also developed.

CLIENT: Colonial DJs

BRANDING GOALS: Colonial DJs was given a fresh start with a new logo that emphasized the strong historical significance of America’s First Region. Some dancing stars and stripes, along with a distressed script typeface, gave them what they were looking for.

CLIENT: Brandt and Francum Real Estate Team, RE/MAX Ambassadors Colonial

This successful real estate team, named one of the Top Real Estate Teams in America by the Wall Street Journal, needed a logo that conveyed a strong dependable duo. The use of condensed block typography and confident silhouettes helped to achieve this goal. The color palette was chosen to reinforce their existing RE/MAX relationship.