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  1. Quality, Speed, and Price. Choose 3? Nyla Smith 31-Aug-2011

Quality, Speed, and Price. Choose 3?

Nyla Smith - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nope, pick two. You may have heard it before; it's certainly not a new concept. (There are plenty of variations floating about: quality, time, money; quality, service, cost; good, fast,'s all the same.) But I often find myself explaining to clients that as much as I would love to provide top-notch stellar quality at lightning-fast speed at the lowest rock-bottom price, I can't. Nobody can, without sacrificing something themselves. Between quality, speed, and price, you're going to have to pick two to optimize. Gosh, life is just full of tough decisions, isn't it? Let's look at "a day in the life of Jane" to illustrate this point. More

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    E-Commerce Flow Chart

    21-Jan-2011 I've just added a new resource to the Resources section!  I get quite a few phone calls from people who want to set up an e-Commerce website or just sell a few things online.  Few people know what all that takes (which is why I'm here of course!), and for newbies, it can be a little overwhelming (Payment Gateway?  What's that?  I need a special bank account? Really?).  I've come up with a flow chart that can help you to determine what you need to get started with an e-Commerce solution. Here it is; I hope it helps!
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